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Aaron Zhang–Unbelievable 2020

Aaron Zhang完成.jpg

Hi My name is Aaron, and I am nine-year-old. Today I am going to introduce my drawing “Unbelievable 2020.” This is 2019, and this 2020. In 2019, we had a lot of fun. We went to school every day. We went to hiking on high mountain, we attended a lot of birthday parties.


We traveled a lot of places. We went to the park Every Week, but in 2020, because of the coronavirus, we could not go anywhere. We learned on the computer. We learned math, Chinese, English, Kungfu, piano, music, and soccer. We had little fun on birthday parties, drawing,

craft, homework, and writing. I wish the Coronavirus would disappear soon so we can go back to our normal life. Thank you for watching my video.

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