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Elina Huang–Healthy and Unhealthy

Elina Huang完成.jpg

In my drawing, I compare being healthy and unhealthy in Covid-19. Being healthy is important

especially since we are in this pandemic. To be healthy, you can wear masks when you

are going outside and wash your hands everyday to keep clean! Sometimes, put on hand sanitizer too! Don’t get caught with the evil virus! Don’t go to parties. That’s very dangerous! In my

drawing there are two girls on each side, one side has a girl who is healthy, and one has a girl who isn’t. The healthy girl stays home because she doesn’t want to get sick. The unhealthy girl

went to go party without a mask, no precautions taken! That means the evil virus can catch her and she can get sick. Trust me, being sick is terrible. We are in quarantine, so that is why we need

to stay safe and stay healthy so the virus doesn’t spread anymore.

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