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Elise Yu–Keeping Yourself Safe from COVID-19

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Hi, my name is Elise. In 2020, it was an unforgettable year. People never experienced a pandemic like this over a century. In late 2019, an awful virus emerged to our world, and the World Health Organization announced this disease called COVID-19.This virus caused a lot of people to suffer, staying at home, and businesses, stores, and schools are shutting down. 


This picture shows and describes how to keep yourself safe from COVID-19.Viruses and germs can transfer by air, and mostly goes into your body by the mouth and nose. Wearing a mask outside is a good way to keep yourself safe. It’s also important to be 6 ft. away from others because our droplets from mouth can carry viruses and germs, and you can spit them really far. The last thing I convince you to do is to wash your hands because if the viruses and germs on your hands, and you touch your mouth, nose and eyes, the virus will go into your body. 


A year has passed, and the pandemic is still continuing, so it’s very important to keep practicing washing hands, wearing a mask, and 6 ft. away from others when you go outside.

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