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Katherine Yang—Covid-19–A New World!

Katherine Yang完成.jpg

Hello everyone, my name is Katherine Yang. I am eight years old and I came up with this artwork when I was at Macys with my family. I saw a bottle of hand sanitizer placed

near the entrance of the store. As I shopped, I noticed that there were much more bottles placed throughout the whole store! I also noticed that many people were wearing

masks like me! This was so surprising because I had never seen this before

covid-19. As I left for the supermarket, I saw the same items again! Everywhere there are hand sanitizer bottles and everyone has a mask on! This was the first time I saw

how covid 19 had changed the world!

In the year of 2020, a monster named covid-19 has changed everyone's lives!

This monster has stopped us from doing everything we used to do and put us all alone in our homes to be kept safe. During these times, many people feel sad, angry,

and confused because no one knows how dangerous this monster is! While I was home,

I drew, danced, and sang everyday to keep myself busy and happy. I hope everyone

can find a hobby they can enjoy! Once this monster is gone, we can go outside again!

We can even see friends and teachers at school! Doctors and researchers are

fighting everyday to help us find a cure. Let's wish them the best so we can all

see each other in the future!

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