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Kiki Wu–When We Go Out

Kiki Wu完成.jpg

The virus made us have to wear a mask when we go out, wash our hands, and use sanitizer every day. Don’t go out if there is no reason and drink more water. Open your window to get

fresh air, exercise more and stay six feet away from others. But the good thing about the virus is that I can stay home with my family. I can eat with my family, play games with my family, watch

TV with my family and cooking yummy food with my family is fun but I need to do online class and I don’t really like to so I wish that the virus is going to end so I can go Back to school and

play with my friends, eat launch with my friends, go back to school with my friends, and go back to dance class and art class with my classmates. When I grow up I want to be a artist and a angle.

I wish the virus will end soon.

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