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Natalie Jewett—The Forbidden Merry Go Around

Natalie Jewett完成.jpg

This picture shows a two-level Merry Go Around with colorful wooden horses. It also shows me and my friend Amber looking at it, with masks on. We cannot ride on it.


The saddest thing for me in 2020 is that I cannot go on Merry Go Around, neither can lots of children in the world.


I really like horses. Going on Merry Go Around used to be one of my favorite things. Last year Mommy told me all Merry Go Arounds are closed because of the virus. I really wish the virus can go away soon so me and my friends can go on Merry Go Around again.


Hopefully in 2021 children around the world can start doing more and more things that they like and couldn’t do in 2020.

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