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Ryan Lu–Covid Year!

Ryan Lu完成.jpg

2020, we start to stay home due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. I was forced to “finished” Kindergarten without going to school and without a graduation ceremony. But I got to stay home

and spent some quality time with my family. Mom got me a Betta Fish and two parakeets ( I have lost both of them) during the Pandemic, I got to watch Some TVs when I am done with

homework, learned how to ride a bicycle, make lots of crafts (most of them with paper and leaves or cardboard boxes).  Mom and dad made a lot of great food I have never had before and I gained

20 lbs. we go out to the beach every once in a while with our car. I started 1st grade

online and made lots of new friends from school. I turned 7 on October. On Thanksgiving mom didn’t make Turkey this year just to do something different. On Christmas I will help build

the Christmas tree and I will get a lot of gifts.

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