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Stephanie Zhu–Sweet Moment During Covid

Stephanie Zhu完成.jpg

What will you draw about 2020? Remote at home? Wearing masks all the time? I believe you want to share so many things! For me, I picked to draw myself and mom when we studied together

in our house. Why? Because that’s what we did for Covid-19 most of the time. 

Here is the table we take art class and this is what I drew about. You know what? Actually, I enjoy it! I enjoy spending time with my mom. We studied music theory, Chinese, math and literacy…

We also played piano together, checked our homework, even made some fun crafts.

In my masterpiece, you can see a dining table, stairs (yea, we do have stairs in our living room),

a long and white cabinet with many pictures of me and some greenery and plants.  Mom and I

sit in front of the computer, facing two huge windows, with sunshine spreading in the room. 

Our floor is super clean and shiny because we clean it often.  You can’t see our faces because I draw from the back of what I see as imagine. I hope you like my masterpiece— Sweet Moment

during COVID.  Hope you also enjoy the time staying home with your family!

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